Paired Home Living: Know When It's Time To Downsize

Paired homes are a great option if you want to downsize for your current and future lifestyle.

Paired homes are a great option if you want to downsize for your current and future lifestyle.

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your home. There may have been a time where a large single-family home was a good fit for your lifestyle, but if you’re feeling like your living situation no longer suits your needs, it may be time to consider a smaller space. Here are some reasons why you may want to downsize.

You no longer use your current space

When we buy a home, it’s tough to get what we need for every stage of life. Perhaps you bought a sizeable single-family home to grow into while your family was young, but now it has bedrooms that are no longer occupied, bathrooms that are never used, and additional living spaces that sit empty. If you find you’re not going into some of the rooms in your house for days on end, it may be time to downsize. Paired homes are an excellent option, since every centimetre of space has a specific purpose for your current and future lifestyle.

Maintenance is becoming overwhelming

With a big home comes big maintenance. The time and cost of maintaining a single-family home can be considerable when you take into account landscaping, cleaning, and upkeep. It takes much less time and energy to clean the floors, dust, and tidy up in a smaller space.

Wanting to age in place

Aging in place design gives homeowners the freedom to stay in their homes well into their golden years. Plus, who doesn’t want to relax on their patio looking at Okanagan Lake in retirement? At Kestrel Ridge, you can get the view in our paired homes, which also offers single-level living perfect for any stage of life including those considering aging in place.

Major life change

A host of life changes can prompt someone to downsize. If you’re retired, or even a few years from retirement, it may prompt the desire to live a simpler life. Or perhaps you want to chase a long-postponed dream of living in one of Canada’s best cities and climates. Whatever the reason, if your life is undergoing a major shift, it may be time to consider if downsizing is a better fit for your current and future situation.

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