What Features Separate Luxury Real Estate from Standard Homes?

Luxury real estate has an air of sophistication, great design, and a wow-factor.

Luxury real estate has an air of sophistication, great design, and a wow-factor.

In general, a standard home suits your needs and caters to some of your ‘wants’. A luxury home is distinguished by not only meeting your needs and wants, but does so with a special combination of superior quality, high-end features, and unique characteristics. Here are some more of the finer details on what separates luxury real estate from the rest.

Quality Construction

First and foremost, the high-quality construction materials on luxury homes are meant to withstand the elements for much longer and with less wear than standard materials. For example, you’ll be much more likely to find an aggregate concrete deck rather than a vinyl deck in a luxury home. You’ll also find facia mounted short post glass railings on the deck for unobstructed views, wood soffits at the front entry and covered deck, and modern style 16” bricks. All of these features come standard at Kestrel Ridge.

Upscale Design

When you walk into a luxury home, there’s a certain feeling of opulence you get from the space. You may find high ceilings and oversized closets to give a feeling of spaciousness. What some consider an upgrade, such as a gourmet kitchen with a large kitchen island, walk-in pantry, and a gas range come standard in luxury real estate. At Kestrel Ridge, the great room features 13-foot ceilings on the main level, 10-foot ceilings in the walkout basement, and common upgrades are standard.

Comprehensive Architectural Design

Luxury homes have both a macro- and microscopic view of the community and the homes within it. On the individual home level, you’ll find features such as smart technology, two-zone heating, and built-in storage that feels like it was built just for you. Additionally, you may have access to interior design services as part of the package - at Kestrel Ridge, you have access to four hours of premium interior design services.

In terms of the greater context of the community, luxury real estate has the cohesive architectural design of a planned community with features such as single-loaded streets and flat roofs for unobstructed views. Kestrel Ridge has designed our community with these features to give every homeowner spectacular views of Okanagan Lake.

Premium Location

Luxurious real estate almost always features epic views of the location’s best assets. For example, at Kestrel Ridge, every home has a 180-degree view of the lake and mountains -and nothing feels more opulent than sipping a delicious local wine on your large patio admiring the beauty of Canada’s most stunning region!

Kestrel Ridge, an upscale paired home community with no strata fees, is located in Upper Mission in Kelowna, BC. Our brand new show home is open daily from 12-4 pm at 456 Talon Lane. To book outside these hours, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


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